Eric van Ginkel has successfully mediated more than 375 disputes and has a

settlement rate greater than 90%.

Eric's Practical Experience Includes:

  • Intellectual property disputes including patent, trademark, copyright and know-how license agreements;​

  • ​Biotech co-development deals (including governance issues);

  • ​Distributorship and agency agreements;

  • ​Corporate and partnership dissolutions;

  • ​Shareholders' agreements;

  • ​Joint venture and strategic alliance break-ups;

  • ​Complex and high tech mergers and acquisitions;

  • ​Financial transactions, such as loans, guarantees, trust matters and related banking issues;

  • ​Commercial real estate developments, purchase and sales;

  • ​Auto and train accidents, slips and falls, dog bites, toxic mold, medical malpractice, fraud and other types of personal injury and other tort disputes.

  • ​And many other types of business-related disputes.

​Eric van Ginkel, FCCA is a well-known mediator, with a reputation for settling cases, often beyond all expectations of the parties. He believes in setting a climate in which the parties and their counsel feel at ease and willing to find a solution acceptable to all concerned. Eric has mediated well over 400 cases, covering all kinds of disputes, from corporate break-ups to mortgage foreclosures, and from real estate cases (both residential and commercial) to employment disputes, and from automobile accidents to mold cases.


The Straus Institute for Dispute Resolution at Pepperdine University School of Law

As Adjunct Professor at the Straus Institute for Dispute Resolution, Eric has taught mediation classes at Straus and Advanced Mediation at the Law School of City University of Hong Kong and Walisongo University in Semarang, Indonesia. In addition, Eric has published a great number of mediation-related articles (See Publications). 

“Eric brings three specific skills to the [mediation] table:

  1. He is efficient—Eric’s topical expertise in intellectual property, international and domestic business disputes, and transactions makes him highly analytical and allows him to quickly assess the status of a dispute.

  2. He is thorough—Eric has a deep understanding of both arbitration and mediation that he has gained through more than eight years of ADR experience and seven years of teaching future mediators and arbitrators at the Straus Institute.

  3. He gets results—Eric has practiced law both in the United States and in Europe and is good at creating elegant solutions to complex disputes.  Eric has an intuitive mind and is able to bring an outsiders’ perspective to his clients that many other mediators lack.”

 - Professor Peter Robinson, Managing Director, Straus Institute for Dispute Resolution at Pepperdine University School of Law